Songs for Advent

December 2108

Dear people,

Here we are, another  liturgical year. Another start.

Music for Advent:
Advent music year C
more year C
more music, and 

A dear friend sent/wrote this poem. I think it touches me on many levels. Feel free to share or use in your bulletins, crediting the author. It feels just like Advent.

The Rain Will Come
November 19, 2018 
by Vicki Varghese

Smoke hangs in the air
mixed with morning fog,
mixed with sadness,
like gauze,
like a dirty rag
covering the sky
wrapping around leaves on trees
wrapping around houses, cars,
preventing me, and everyone,
from going outside.
How completely lost all the people must feel
who lost everything
in the fires.
Joan Baez talked about the fires
last night.
What a dark time
we’re living in.
But she also sang
about the President singing
Amazing Grace
in Charlottesville
when no words would do.
She sang
Forever Young,
Gracias A La Vida,
and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,
the song Ruth and I sang
to Mom as she passed
into the next life.
Misery mixed with hope.
But hope will win.
Wednesday the rain will come
and wash the smoke away
Cool the fires.
Give everyone
a clean start.