Proper 15 | 20th Sunday in Pentecost Year | August 20, 2017

Hello dear people,

Thinking about

Not necessarily in that order.

These Are Days
10,000 Maniacs

Just Breathe 
Eddie Vedder
Are you kidding? Willie? How'd I miss this?

Lennon and McCartney

Try it slower and add some minor chords.


  1. Hi guys. My name is Olga and I'm from Russia
    At the moment I'm in the process of writing my master's thesis on the use of blogs in education.
    Could you help me a little? Just answer the question here in the comments. Who do you consider the best singer, composer, songwriter of all time?
    It can be one person or several people. I will be very grateful for your help.
    Beams of goodness all around, as we say in Russia.


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