Hallelujah! | Easter April 20, 2014


We are having so much fun preparing for Easter.

Darden Burns, one of Grace's many talented musicians-arranger-music-directors—we've at least 3 others in our music circle—is leading the music circe this Easter.

We commented today on how blessed and lucky we feel to be in this community. Really feeling that right now. So much joy.

Easter will open with this shape-note piece from The Sacred Harp: I Know That My Redeemer Lives
We still don't have the human bagpipe thing going yet, but we're working on it.

At the Offertory we will try the HALLELUJAH Chorus
Go big or go home is our motto around here.

We're starting to sound just like this:

At communion we will try an a cappella choral arrangement (by Darden Burns) of To My Old Brown Earth by Pete Seeger

After communion we will sing Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison.
Really beautiful flashmob version here:

We close with Rise by Eddie Vedder with special Grace lyrics by Scott Lawrence.
A favorite.

Such is the way of the world, can never know
Just where to put all your faith, and how will it grow.
Gonna rise up, burning black holes in dark memories.
Gonna rise up, turning mistakes into gold.

Such is the passage of time, too fast to fold.
Suddenly swallowed by signs, lo and behold.
Gonna rise up and find my direction magnetically.
Gonna rise up and throw down my ace in the hole.

Such are the stories we bring, telling the toll.
Laughter and tears full the sky, echo below.
Gonna rise up and stand in the light that I cannot see.
Gonna rise up and live all the stories I know.

Such are the songs that we sing, fears to unfold.
Music, like water, wells up, unbending our soul.
Gonna rise up and fly from the tomb that’s been holding me.
Gonna rise up and sing myself a new home.