March 23, 2014 TAKE TWO

Hello everybody,

Exodus 17:1-7
Romans 5:1-11 
John 4:5-42
Psalm 95

I need to do a little update here.
Yesterday we honored our beautiful office administrator, Candee, who is retiring this week.
We will miss her SO much.

Yesterday, she and her family attended our main service. The poetry and music and prayers, each in their way, acknowledged her service and ministry. So much love and compassion.

Here are a few of the songs we added, some at the last moment, to the service.
I really try to stay open to new ideas.

A parishioner mentioned this first song at the Wednesday morning service, Bill, our priest, emailed me a link to this video on Wednesday afternoon, and one of our music folks chorded it up for Wednesday night's rehearsal—then we sang it on Sunday, with a fine soloist leading the way. It was a HUGE hit. We reprised at the end of the service and a whole mess of singers and listeners gathered round to join in the fun.

Jesus Met the Woman at the Well (Traditional)
Peter, Paul and Mary's version here. Mary Travers is, to say the least, BEAUTIFUL.

I asked Candee if she had an requests.
They were Let It Be and Imagine.

3 high school girls sang and played Imagine as the first song during communion. It was sung with great care and sweetness.  Gorgeous. Then the littler kids sang a very sweet version of True Colors. Let It Be, the song after communion.

We ended with Thank You For Hearing Me by Sinéad O'Connor.

Stay open—amazing grace happens, again and again.