February 23, 2014

Hello everybody,

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to work with a high schooler. We did not have a plan. She had asked for some time to work on singing and I said sure. I sent her an email asking her to have a song or two in mind when she came to our meeting.

She chose this one:

Iscariot by Walk the Moon

She has thoughts of Holy Week and how we can gather some other singers to make some harmony and that got me thinking about how to engage the high school kids in the liturgy for Holy Week and...

This said, I am thinking about Holy Week. 

But now, let's get back to this week.

Commandments. Forgiveness. Love your enemy.
Let's keep it simple.

I'd LOVE to do this song with the kids. It has a great, simple message about living a caring life.
And, I really love this video.

With the 50th anniversary stuff in the media I have had The Beatles on my mind these days.

One of my favs.


  1. Just came across this site ... Great to see some thinking outside the box ... I'll be back

  2. Thanks Jonathan! Hope you've had time to visit again. Best and peace,


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