Honoring Pete Seeger

Hello everyone!

Of course, we all plan. We need to plan or life would be more chaotic than we could bear. And yet for me the more flexible and open to last minute ideas I am, the more wondrous life and liturgy turn out to be.

Hearing the news of Pete Seeger's passing we've added four Seeger songs to Sunday's service. There are SO many more that are appropriate for Sunday mornings and we've definitely done so many at Grace over the years! We could honor this extraordinary man with a song per month for the rest of 2014. We may do just that.

I am also reminded of the collection of psalms called "Psalms In Ordinary Voices."
The psalm appointed for February 2 is a beauty. Psalm 15 by Jennifer Ladd includes these thoughtful lines:

...she who walks with integrity, works for justice, and speaks truthfully from her heart...she and he who do these things shall be "like trees standing by the water: They shall not be moved." 

With gratitude for a life of service and beauty, here are some Pete Seeger favorites.