June 2, 2013

Hello Everybody,

Well this day is a biggie!

Confirmation, our Bishop, Greg Rickel, is in the house, we are saying farewell to our beloved children's ministry coordinator Debbie Rimkus and we are honoring our Godly Play volunteers.

HOW do we possibly sum ALL that up?

One word: Kindness.

Well, maybe two--Grace and Kindness.
That sums it all up I think.

The KINDNESS theme is inspired by the gospel reading this week.
Track 1orTrack 2
1 Kings 18:20-21, (22-29), 30-391 Kings 8:22-23, 41-43
Psalm 96Psalm 96:1-9
Galatians 1:1-12Galatians 1:1-12
Luke 7:1-10Luke 7:1-10

Overtly, the gospel reading seems to be about healing and faith but after re-reading it I felt this undertone of kindness and humility. That seemed like a great thread for our day today too. The kindness and humility required of servant leadership--from the Diocesean example right on down to all of us at Grace, particularly Debbie. And looking at the lineup today I am humbled and so grateful.  SO MANY people participating and contributing to make the music happen this day--from our Kids Sing group of elementary school singers, to the Gracettes, our middle and high school-age musicians, to several solo offerings from our adult musicians.

Here's the playlist:

Gathering: We All Need More Kindness in this World by Guy Davis
Imagine a UKELELE orchestra (YES!) for accompaniment here with the littlest of kids leading the singing. It is really good.

Opening: Amazing Grace
One of my piano students will accompany this one. 

Gospel: Kindness by Ryan Adams
Again imagine two 10 year olds--piano and vocals. Hard to beat.

Offertory: Piano solo blues--Connie will offer a piano solo of a favorite hymn.

Communion: Spiegel Im Spiegel by Arvo Part
Piano and cello. Beautiful simplicity presented by Darden and Tom. 

After Communion: True Colors by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly.
OH MY look and listen to this version:

Closer: Thought I Saw the Light Shine by Alexi Murdoch
Kind of a theme song at Grace and most definitely with many of the kids.
Layers and layers of goodness.

BONUS: She's Got a Way by Billy Joel
Now, I'm sure you're thinking--WHA???
One of our high school musicians suggested this one to say goodbye to Debbie and with a couple small lyric tweaks it is really PERFECT.
Hannah will sing this as a farewell and a thank you to Debbie--at the close of service.