May 12, 2013

Hello Everybody.

I'm kind of excited. A good friend has gone and done something BIG.
He has created a GIANT music festival.
BottleRock in the Napa Valley. May 8-12.

The lineup is incredible.

This is where I will be this Mother's Day Sunday.
Church on Sunday with Mavis Staples. Can I hear an AMEN? 

I am featuring ALL BottleRock artists for this Sunday's playlist. Seems fitting.
Found some GREAT songs to try out and a few old favs.

Gathering: I'll Take You There by Al Bell
Sung by Mavis Staples

Opening: Rock Me On the Water by Jackson Browne

Gospel: House of Gold by Hank Williams
Sung by The Secret Sisters

Offertory: Walking Far From Home by Samuel Bean (Iron and Wine)
We've done this one at Grace. Powerful with the right singer.

Communion: Down In the Valley by Erin O'Hara 
Erin is beloved member of our Island community. She's a beauty.
This song is great. Google it--I couldn't get the link to work here.

After Communion: Head Full of Doubt by The Avett Brothers

Closer: Starry Crown by The Caroline Chocolate Drops

Bonus Track:
Same Love by Seattle's pride and joy Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
SO excited to see these guys!


  1. AMEN! I love our church choir and my daughter is involved in the childrens choir. Check it out,
    I hope you are fabulous!
    xoxo Chris

  2. Gosh Chris, I never saw this comment! So glad to hear from you and hear that there is music happening for your daughter—so good!!


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