March 27, 2013 / One More for Holy Week

Hello Everybody,

Holy Week advice:

1. Remain open.

Each and every Holy Week this funny thing happens. A song, or songs appear. They present themselves like holy offerings-- sometimes right on Good Friday, or if I'm lucky the week before.

We have listened to a song, for the first time, on Good Friday morning and sung it at the noon service.

This additional song for Maundy Thursday or could be sung on Good Friday as well, was suggested by Hannah, a high schooler at Grace. She is a bit of a liturgical music savant. Has been for years.

Last week Hannah says, "what about Timshel by Mumford & Sons?"

Of course it is perfect. I know and love this song, but I didn't connect the dots.

Last night during practice Hannah said "and if you change the word death to life it is the perfect baptism song."

Yes indeed it is. Thanks Hannah.


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