December 2, 2012 | Year C Advent I

Hello everybody.

Here at Grace our mission statement includes four principles of faith: inclusion, service, discovery and gratitude.

To put a finer point on our theme of the year, Come Closer, we will highlight one of our principles of faith each week during Advent.

This week: inclusion.

During the Advent season we read one contemporary reading, usually a poem, and the gospel, creating a feeling of spaciousness at the beginning of the service. This week our reflective reading is Against Your Absence

Gathering Song: One Love/People Get Ready ( Bob Marley/Curtis Mayfield)
Our kids will play piano, guitar and organ and vocally lead this congregational song.

Opening Processional: Sing Out Earth and Skies by Marty Haugen

Gospel: O Come, O Come Emmanuel Verses 1-2

Offertory: People Look East, text: Farjeon, tune: BESANCON

Communion: True Colors by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly
Our kids will accompany and lead this one.

After Communion: Be More Quiet Now by David Crowder Band

Closing Hymn: Something Beautiful by Alexi Murdoch
purchase this man's music