November 3, 2013 | All Saints Year C

Hello everybody,

Hello everybody.

All Saints and the first Sunday of the month at Grace. This means remembrance and kids' participation.
Every first Sunday the kids read the lessons and offer music.

The little kids will help us close the service with Angels Watchin' Over Me. I'm hoping to have a few high schoolers sing Rivers and Roads and the middle schoolers will offer Waiting on the World to Change. Good stuff.

Psalms In Ordinary Voices
Buy this book, it is a winner. So many voices! BEAUTIFUL.

Here's a small portion:
Psalm 149 by Julia Jean

Give praise to the Goddess within and without.
Sing unto our Lady a new song
     for we shall praise Her with our very presence.
Let the Universe rejoice in Her creations.
Let Her children be joyful...

Here's a link to last year's post--lots of ideas here--please take a look.

Here are some new ideas for this year:

Rivers and Roads by Head and the Heart

Crossing the Bar Rani Arbo/Tennyson
Salamander Crossing is the band. LOVE!

We're Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer