September 15, 2013

Hello all,

Lost. Found. 

The readings this week remind me of a couple Rilke poems, from The Book of Hours, translation Barrows and Macy.

from On the Edge of Night

"And what has lost its way
will, by my vibrant sounds,
be at last brought home
and allowed to fall endlessly
into the depthless source."

I Have Hymns is one of my favorites. Several years ago I wrote a Rilke song cycle.
Here's my take, sung by Barbara Hume off her album Island in the Sound

On a personal note our priest Bill goes in for cancer related surgery early next week. Our hearts and minds are full with prayers for him and a bit of worry too. Of course, I can't help thinking about music that will soothe his heart and mind, and ours too!

In thinking about healing I remembered two great albums (does anyone still say album?) this week.

The first a tribute album to John Denver. Love him. Still

Sunshine on My Shoulders. If I had a wish...
Train's version here.

Dave Matthew's version of Take Me to Tomorrow is really something too.

The other album is Sweet Relief III.

A cohort in musical crime at Grace, the Rev. Jim Friedrich, re-wrote the last verse to If I Needed You, a spectacular song by Townes Van Zandt. Covered by Joseph Arthur (go see him live!) on the album. 

Here's a pretty version by The Sweet By & By.

Emmylou Harris made it a hit:

When the shadow falls

And the way is steep
I will fear no ill
        G           C
When grace is near

I shall not want

She will guide me home
She restores my soul
        G          C
May her praise be told
[Repeat last 2 lines twice more]

__Jim Friedrich

Don't Let Us Get Sick by Warren Zevon covered by Jackson Browne.

"Don't let us get sick
Don't let us get old
Don't let us get stupid alright.
Just make us be brave..."