March 29, 2013 / Good Friday

Hello Everybody,

This year we begin Good Friday with a noon meditation. Silence.
Next several artists will create, under the guidance of Jim Friedrich, an art installation piece that follows the stations' template.
Later in the afternoon Bill Harper will lead a stations' walk outside on our grounds with moments to pause, sing, pray and listen.
The day closes with a Good Friday liturgy led by Arienne Davison and Bill Harper.
This liturgy includes some quiet common hymns and chants and also is an opportunity for some powerful anthems. Here are a few we've sung in year's past.

Redemption by Nick Lowe
Imagine this on piano--a bit slower and sung by a woman...of course it's no Johnny, but we did alright.

Bridge Over Troubled Water by Paul Simon
These kids and Mr. B break me everytime. LOVE.

Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

Change by Tracy Chapman


AND last but not least. This is how things go around here. 
I had sent out a plea to the high school singers earlier in the day--help! Any ideas for Holy Week? And voilà, one of the students offers this one--before she even read the message I sent!

Best for Maundy Thursday perhaps.

We Don't Eat by James Vincent McMorrow

And one more, forgot to add this one. Service opener at the evening service this year.
Let It Be by Lennon and McCartney. An inspiring version from Across the Universe. LOVE this film.

AND, how could I forgot this one?
Jesus Was an Only Son by Bruce Springsteen.