March 24, 2013/Palm Sunday

Hello and welcome to Holy Week.

At Grace we have made a habit these past few years to add several chant or chant-like pieces to the Palm Sunday liturgy. This service is upside and backwards so I'll skip the usual Gathering-Closing hymn format today. Overall keeping a quiet, contemplative tone.

Over the years many of the Grace folk, regular musicians and otherwise, have written songs--lyrics, music or both. I am including some of these chants/songs here.  Caroline Clucas and Scott Lawrence are both huge contributors to our Grace music circle. Their music and poetry is thoughtful and very moving. Feel free to use these songs in your services.

Open My Heart to Your Light and Truth by Ruth Cunningham from Music By Heart

Kyrie by Paul Merritt

This one was written during our Lenten evening program last year-- a group effort, mostly kids!
Written by Grace Episcopal Church Lenten Program 2012

Comes Jesus to Jerusalem
Music: Jesu dulcis memoria, plainsong, Mode 2 from Hymnal 1982 (#134)
Text: Scott Lawrence
What Wondrous Love/Chant by Ann Strickland. Inspired by the American folk hymn.
When Jesus Entered Jerusalem
Music: Traditional; Lyric: Scott Lawrence

Desert Winds by Caroline R. Clucas
Not quite for Palm Sunday, but a great Lenten piece.

ONE more. Last year we ended with a beautiful solo a capella version of
Winter Sky by Billy Edd Wheeler. The congregation then exited in silence. Powerful.

Judy Collins - Winter Sky from drakemerchant on Vimeo.

Credit Grace work as follows:

Music and lyrics copyright Caroline R Clucas, Grace Episcopal Church, Bainbridge Island
Lyrics copyright Scott Lawrence, Grace Episcopal Church, Bainbridge Island
Music and lyrics copyright Ann Strickland, Grace Episcopal Church, Bainbridge Island.
Written by Grace Episcopal Church Lenten Program 2012, Grace Episcopal Church, Bainbridge Island



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