April 7, 2013

Hello and welcome to Easter!

Acts 5:27-32
Psalm 118:14-29 
or Psalm 150
Revelation 1:4-8
John 20:19-31

Belief. Forgiveness. Gratitude. Peace.

Wow, that seems like plenty to work with.

Inspired by Iris Dement this week as she performed here at Grace Palm Sunday evening.
Church in the morning.
Church in the evening.

If you get a chance to see Iris live--do it.

Gathering: Sweet Hour of Prayer 
Text: William Walford, 1772-1850
Music: William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 

Opening: I Saw the Light by Hank Williams

Gospel: I Believe In You by Bob Dylan
I like this version:

Offertory: Is Love Enough by Michael Franti
The kids have led this one.

Communion: Mercy Now by Mary Gauthier
An old favorite. Great line about doubt and fear in verse 2.

After Communion: Let the Mystery Be by Iris Dement

Closer: I'm a Believer by Neil Diamond
I am old enough to appreciate and remember the Monkees--AND Neil Diamond.
I don't think we've ever done this one on a Sunday morning...but on the right Sunday it would be really perfect. And somebody really getting into the tambourine--come on--goodness.
Rock it Neil.


  1. Here's another one that might be considered: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7Pi7vL8VFU - Gillian Welch, By the Mark where the nails have been.

    1. Yes! We've done that one on Good Friday in years past!

  2. Woa! and another: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKIlnnDWG8w


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