March 3, 2013

Hello Everybody,

Here we are, Lent III.

This is a special Sunday as the kids will lead several portions of the service--OT reading, the psalm and our version of the Prayers of the People.

We will use this adapted version of the psalm led (unbolded font) by one of the kids with the responses (bolded) spoken by the congregation.

Psalm 63 by Kizzi Buchmelter, mother and teacher

Ahh, Love. You are the true God I eagerly seek. Your powers can soothe a burning soul and mend a breaking heart. You are always there, yet not always seen.

I look for You, Love, in my family and in myself.

Your positive presence is far better than any of life's materialistic treasures. You are forever cherished by me.
I will honor You and protect Your name for as long as I am able.

I see You, Love, as I watch my beautiful children learn and grow, loving themselves and others. I can sense Your calming presence each time I smile at an angry face.

You gave me a caring hand to make sure I would not slip between the cracks of Hate. You stand a great mirror in front of me whenever I am selfish or pessimistic.

Love, you blessed me with my brothers and sisters--all of whom helped shape the thoughtful, beautiful, loving person I am today. 

Accept Love into your life. Learn to love yourself and others, helping to shape this world into a more trusting, beautiful place for all. Amen.

Exodus 3:1-15
Psalm 63:1-8
Luke 13:1-9

Moses and more Moses.

Opening: The Israelites by Desmond Dekker and Leslie Kong
Okay, we can't really pull this off, but we'll keep trying.

Gospel: Go Down Moses

This one doesn't really speak about Moses, but it has a ton of biblical imagery and the right feeling. 

Communion: Instrumental

Closer: Mary Don't You Weep 

The kids LOVE this one. They will lead the verses and we'll all sing the chorus.  A la Bruce Springsteen.
Not quite the right Moses story (smote the water with a two by four) but it is SO good we've go to do it again!